My heart beats while I’m leaning on your shoulders

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 | 0 comments

soo hello there? are miss me ? plss i begging youu.. omg plisss miss mee.. i got for a long time im not writing in this blogger it is becuz im pretty sure i already  got my head soo mess up.. erghh..  okey im sorry bcuz i give you heard about all my conplaint in my new entry and i know you must so sick to heards that right ? soo ..

okey now start.. this year 2015 right hee i got a neww ummm what we call watch from my lovelyy.. hee thanks sweet heart deep.. 30,1,2015.. that the date.. okey nextt amm.. this yearr too i got a toblerone from him.. thank you againn... i am sorry dear along im with you im not give you something that you can make that thing as memory im sorryy.. one day maybe.. ammm soo this year i gott new men i my world. my sister child his name is.. ahmad ammar furqon.. alhamdulillah.. i will alwys pray for your happiness yaa..

Fatimah Az Zahra Al-Mandili