My heart beats while I’m leaning on your shoulders

Trying to be nice.
Friday, January 18, 2013 | 0 comments

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hello2 now i want to talk about who people if we respect them ,they more rude and not respect back. ouhh you know what im so sick with people like that. sometimes they were going  to nice when they don't have a frinds and when they meets theirs frinds  they show off and show theirs rudest!hA ha ha you have meet a one of them! ouhh i just feel like wants give them a :poop: hahahh! stop speaking hehe saja jeee test for journal book cikgu suruh tulis dalam buku macam diary dalam english so i'll do some practise in here ! blog!! hehe ! byee.

*pfft merentas desa esok and i can't waitt* padahal malas pegii woii!